What types of sign printing will your business benefit most from?

Have you recently taken a look at your building sign or reception sign? What message is it  sending to your potential customers?  Is it in great condition or faded?  Does it reflect your branding?

One of the pillars of a successful business is its  marketing efforts. As we mentioned in the last blog, you may have one of the the best products in the vicinity. However, if no one knows about it, there won’t be any sales conversion.

Sign Printing

One of the key factors is that your target audience needs to relate your promotional materials to the nature of your core business.

A well thought out window sign printing can make your company to stand out from among the competition because signage in general does what a salesperson does, selling your products.

So, that’s where greatly designed sign printing is important as it presents an idea or offer in a way that communicates and appeals to your  target audience. What reaction are you looking for? How long will the offer last? Where is the best location for the sign to be positioned?

The location of the sign greatly determines the type of material used for sign production.  Luckily, you do not have do it on your own.

With expertise spanning more than 2 decades, Online Signs Geelong is passionate about signwriting. It’s not just about producing a sign. It’s about producing and delivering a quality sign that will best convey your message.

We pride ourselves in great customer satisfaction by delivering quality you can trust. A custom sign printing project is always an exciting  process from design to install. Nothing is more satisfying when the sign printing for billboard, banner, vehicle, poster or other promotional material has been fully installed.

Types of signs:

Depending on the function for which a sign has been printed, there are various classifications that can be used. Signs can be grouped under indoor and outdoor sign printing to denote the location with respect to a building for their use. Further classes are as discussed below;

Commercial signs:

Any sign that is made with the intention of increasing revenue to a business falls under this group. Signs that advertise a current sale, promotional event or launch of a product such as a banner sign printing, are examples in this category.

Directional or Safety Signs:

Sign printing is not only about promoting an offer or converting sales; it is also essential on construction sites, in warehouses and depots with safety at work such a big focus nowadays. Directional and safety signs display specific instructions or guidelines to staff , thus contributing to a safer work place.

Sign Printing

Vehicle signs:

Did you know that your vehicle can become a mobile advertisement? Apart from reinforcing your branding, it is a very cost effective way of having great mobile advertising 24/7.

Your company car or your fleet of vehicles can become a mobile billboard for your business with sign printing. Did you know that a full vehicle wrap protects the market value of your car when it is time for resell?

Did you know that one-way vision is a great way to advertise your business on your back window? You can reproduce any image to promote your brand without compromising on clarity and safety.

Wall Coverings:

Do you feel that simple, plain reception walls are not doing any justice to your company’s growth? Any plain wall that is within eye view of potential customers can be turned into effective advertising space. It can also serve as reinforcement of your corporate (business) branding. Even your reception counter can be  done to reflect your branding.

Depending whether you want to promote your company’s values and vision to your clientele, your ethical outsourcing of ingredients, the latest project , the finished product when it comes to house and apartment building or simply creating that special atmosphere, the flexibility of wall coverings works wonders.

Remember your environment greatly influences you, so how do you want your office environment to influence your potential clients.

Sign Printing

Cost of sign printing

If you are working on a tight sales and marketing budget, the use of sign printing can be a much more affordable option of making your products, services and brand known. A common measure of the effect of advertising is the cost-per-thousand, and when signage is compared to other forms of advertising, the former’s cost is far lower.

The other factor to consider is the life span of the sign. Is  this sign a permanent fixture of your building, like a fascia sign? Or is this sign  going to be used for a seasonal promo offer?  Is it going to be applied to a shop window, thus requiring more of a removable sticker? Is it going to be just a whole digital sign printing or is it going to be combined with 3D lettering? Or, is it going to be supply only or does your sign needs to be professionally installed?

All those factors will determine the final costing. Compared to other forms of advertising, sign printing has a lower cost per impression.

Remember that you get what you pay for

While cost is an important aspect to consider when investing in sign printing, keep in mind that very cheap quotes can contain some very unpleasant surprises like poor quality of material used.

Ever noticed that some signs seem to disintegrate quite easily, there’s quite a bit of lifting occurring, there’s a lack of  sharpness with the colour hues and  there’s some noticeable fading though the signs have only been installed recently. This occurs due to the poor quality of material being used, the lack of  protective laminate and the lack of experience when it comes to application techniques.

It is almost impossible for  businesses to get noticed without having a sign to spark the interest of the public. The old adage” A business with no sign is sign of no business” is as true today as it has ever been.

Talk to us when it comes to your sign printing needs. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we can truly advise you on the correct type of material or media that will be more suitable for your project or promotion.

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