How much will it cost $$$$?

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You can email us by filling in our quote request form. The cost for signwriting services depends greatly on factors such as full artwork provided, supply only, supply and install, the quality of materials(vinyl, digital film and laminate) being used. We are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves in maintaining high standards in the [...]

Do you provide waterproof stickers?

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Yes, we do provide a variety of stickers- some are vinyl cut only and others are digital printed with gloss laminate. As we use high quality materials, our stickers do withstand the test of wear and tear from the elements.

Do you provide illuminated signs for indoor use?

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Yes, we do provide a wide array of slimline illuminated signs for indoor use. They vary in sizes from A0, A1, A2 to custom made sizes. With the use of eye-catching and vibrant photographic prints, they are perfect for retail shops, cafes, restaurants, medical clinics, hair & beauty salons, etc. The prints can be updated on [...]

Do you offer wall print services?

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Yes, we do offer a variety of large format wall prints. Great for feature walls in houses, cafes, retail shops, restaurants, reception areas and hair & beauty salons among others. We will need to assess the paint being used on the wall before proceeding. Wall prints can be custom made to any design from vintage to [...]

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