Digital Signage Group – Driving more customers to your business

The old adage ” A business with no sign is sign of no business” is as true today as it has ever been.

The world of digital signage has greatly evolved over the last two decades and digital signage today is  dominating the market.  Most people don’t realise the positive  impact that quality digital signage  creates, so let’s talk signage.

What do we mean by digital signage group?

In this context, we are covering  digital signage group  as  a group of digital signage solutions for your business.

The reason we highly advise having a digital signage group is to make sure your branding stays consistent from your outdoor digital signage  like the fascia of your retail shop or warehouse to your indoor reception signage to your vehicle signs, may it be a full wrap or part wrap.

A great way of looking at the impact of digital signage is to look at a great brand like Coke for example.

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The way  the coke branding is done is so effective that  you will notice it a mile away. The graphics reproduced on billboards, posters and murals  for retail outlets and on vehicles are such  attention grabbers that they work on our subconscious mind. You find yourself reaching out for a coke if you feel like a soft drink with fizz.

What types of outdoor digital signage would you require?

Digital Signage examples for outdoor use can range from building signs to illuminated signs such as LED lightboxes, free standing signs, pylon signs to banners and site signs for fences.

Let’s start with building signs, your digital signage group can include fascia sign for your shop front, under awning lightbox or free standing sign.

Your outdoor digital signage offers a way for the public to develop a sense of who your company is and what you are all about.  It speaks volume as it does influence their decision making process: they remember the sign  and the next step is usually to check your business online. Though they might not do business with you straight away, you are the one on their mind when they are ready for the call -to-action.

Your fascia sign can be a 3D lettering  that gives your business an edge and reflects your branding.

A great example from our Signage page is G.J Gardener  3D lettering done onto white composite panel and applied to the building fascia for their office outdoor signage.

The hanging sign complements the main fascia by providing key information like phone number and website details.  Being in the business of home building, we make full use of their office windows by covering them with great full colour digital print window graphics.

Head to our gallery page for more photos of window graphics and fascia sign. The Exhaust Bros sign was done with full colour print applied onto composite panels and frosted glass window graphics and full colour print on glass.

The use of 3D lettering is also great for your reception signs.  The main picture header on our gallery page is a classic example of 3D Lettering used behind the reception desk in a medical clinic, Health E Allied Services.

Illuminated Signs

Let’s now explore the versatility of Illuminated Signs. Great as under awning signs, a hanging lightbox  makes  your business stand out from a distance.

Retail outlets such as cafes, restaurants, hairdressers and fashion shops  among others make the most of their under awning signs by making sure that the vinyl and the lighting being used allows their lightbox to shine bright.

Ever seen a  lightbox dimly lit? How was your perception? Most clients agree that a poorly lit lightbox reflects on the quality of the business.

Before investing in a lightbox, do your homework to make sure you are dealing with signwriters and installers who specialise in their  trade and know their stuff. One example of an outdoor digital signage lightbox  that truly stands out from a distance is the outdoor lightbox done for  Yarra Street QuarterMaster, standing tall and making a great impact… you cannot miss it. Check it out on our signage page.

LED Lightboxes

LED lightboxes are all the craze as they greatly advertise your products especially for seasonal promotions. The Slim LED lightbox done for Adidas on our home page creates such an impact. The colours are so vibrant that you are drawn to them.  As mentioned before, the quality of the print plays a key role in making sure those colours come to life.

Another great way of using  your LED lightboxes is in beauty clinics, a well lit picture is worth a thousand words.

Let’s not forget about digital signage for fences. When you drive pass or walk by a house under construction or a big building site, how many of you pay attention to the site signs on the fence?

For major construction sites, you usually find printed mesh banners  surrounding the site. Banners are also widely used to display house and land packages. For smaller projects, the site signs are usually attached to the temporary fencing.

Site signs have come a long way. Before they were mainly corflutes with vinyl lettering.

Now they come into full colour digital print signage done with different finishes to make your business stand out. This is another cost effective way of giving your business plenty of exposure.

Vehicle Signage

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Another example of outdoor digital signage  group is your vehicle signage.  As you can clearly see from our vehicle signs page, we specialise in digital signage for vehicles. From one car to a fleet of cars, your digital signage is providing great mobile advertising 24/7.

With vehicle signs, your  full colour logos is applied to the sides of the vehicle or the bonnet. This includes the application of one way vision on your back window.

One way vision is  fantastic! You can reproduce any image to promote your brand without compromising on clarity and safety. The reason it is so widely used on our public transport system from buses, trams to trains. If  full car wrap is right down your alley, Sky is the limit when it comes to pimping your vehicle.

There is so much to talk about when it comes to digital signage group for vehicles. We will have to cover it in more details next time.

Remember that digital signage truly drives more customers to your business. A better understanding of your signage needs enable you to take a more informed decision.  We have over 20 years experience in the industry. We are here to guide you in choosing  quality digital signage for indoor or outdoor use.  Feel free to check out the pages on our website and give us a call or send us an online query when you are ready to take your signage to the next level.